Stop Paying Someone Else on YOUR Payday!

There are many ways that a bank or credit union can save you money. One of the most important is by saving you from unnecessary fees. Ask yourself, “How much money have I paid to check-cashing services or wasted on money orders?” Most people who use check cashing stores to cash their paychecks spend over $800 each year and that doesn’t even include the cost of money orders.  You never have to pay to cash your own check again with a checking account. And, no more money orders! Even if you are living from paycheck to paycheck, don’t pay someone else to get money that is rightfully yours.

Banking Troubles?
Our bank & credit union partners can help.

The banks and credit unions that are participating in our program offer accounts for people with debt, people who don’t have standard ID, and for people with past financial difficulties.


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